Murder Mystery Weekend in Searsport

Robin and I had a fantastic time at the Captain Nickels Inn (Searsport, ME) November 1&2! Our thanks to Dawn and Cassidy Gintz for taking a chance on two writers who have experience with amateur theater but had never put together a murder mystery weekend before. Everyone had fun and the only casualty was a fictional character who nobody liked, anyway. We’d also like to give a “shout out” to Dick Cass for recommending us to Dawn and Cassie.

They have been restoring the bed & breakfast to its former glory and the Inn provided a great backdrop for our murder mystery, “One Mystery Author Too Many”. Cassie worked magic in the kitchen and prepared breakfasts that were To Die For (appropriate for the event). Tina Delsanto (from local favorite restaurant, Delvino’s) was on hand to make sure every detail of both, gourmet dinners was perfect. MacKenzie, from Cellar Door Vineyards (Lincolnville, ME) did an excellent job in selecting wine pairings for each of the seven, tapas courses served on Friday night.

Robin and I introduced our mystery after dessert on Friday evening, and the first floor of the Inn was packed with guests on Saturday morning as they worked to find clues, unravel riddles and solve puzzles —created especially for the Captain Nickels Inn by RLawtonSquared. Their goal was to find enough information to unmask which of the characters was the murderer who put Royal Pane out of everyone’s misery.

Guests were encouraged to dress as their favorite detective for dinner in the ballroom, on Saturday night. Robin and I were Nora and Nick Charles (The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett), dressed in high fashion and accompanied by our stuffed and therefore well-behaved dog, Asta. Dinner was followed by a short play in which guests accepted roles—many of them delivering performances worthy of a Tony. The identity of the killer was revealed as part of the play and prizes were distributed. Although we cannot divulge whodunit, it was the guest dressed as Hamish Macbeth (protagonist from books authored by M.C. Beaton) who finally cracked the case.

A plethora of photographs with the all the usual suspects can be found on our Facebook page at Rob Lawton.

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