Murder mysteries that provide a puzzle to be solved with a strong dose of suspense and a dash of wit and humor.  Please read on for a brief description of a novel called “Murder with an Ocean View”, as well as a shorter novella including some of the same characters, “Murder in Black and White”…

Murder with an Ocean View V2

When Jenny returns to Robin’s Nest for a funeral, she discovers a hidden passage in the family estate leading to a journal from her great-grandparents, Jack and Caroline Winston.  According to her great-grandmother, they were like toast and jam – Caroline was sweet while Jack was always toasted.  Their journal describes how the witty couple captured a murderer at Robin’s Nest between quips and cocktails in 1943.  However, because they left one piece of the puzzle unsolved, their great-granddaughter is faced with a repeat performance in 2017.  Jenny must team up with a former FBI agent to stop a killer before he prunes anymore branches of her family tree.


Murder in Black and White

It’s 1942 and while the allies are fighting in Asia and Europe, Homicide Detective Jack Winston has been the guy sending murderers to the electric chair.  But now the Assistant District Attorney is trying to give him a turn in the hot seat.  Jack’s only ally is a young woman he dated for a short while before his own police force slapped a pair of bracelets on his wrists. Most dames would have read the writing on the wall and moved on, but not Caroline Cromwell.  She seems to know something the State of New York doesn’t.  Like when the “not guilty” verdict is announced, she knows that won’t be good enough for Jack.  He’ll want to find out who tried to give him the juice.  But there are powerful people in New York City with a different plan.  If Caroline and Jack aren’t careful, they’re liable to find out there are worse ways to die than electrocution.