Included is a free short story, entitled “Spring and a Young Woman’s Fancy”, followed by a mystery game called “One Mystery Author Too Many”.  Download the introduction, then take a look at the clues package and finally read the final act to learn the identity of the murderer.  Try it with your friends…

Spring and a Young Woman's Fancy                                 Rock chair 2.jpg

As you read this fictional story about a murder that took place in Acadia National Park, references are made to an actual crime committed in 1987, when a man named Dennis Larson pushed his new bride to her death, shortly after taking out a $400,000 life insurance policy on her.  The details of that case will be highlighted in a future blog.

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Spring and a Young Woman’s Fancy




You can either try to solve this mystery on your own, or invite friends to participate.  The first attachment provides a few paragraphs to introduce the story line, followed by a list of characters.  The second attachment is a package of clues, some of which are needed to solve the mystery.  Be warned that some of the clues are red herrings.  The third and final attachment is a short play designed to reveal the identity of murderer.  Feel free to divide the roles among your friends and or just read through by yourself to find out whodunit!

Introduction for One Mystery Author Too Many

Package of Clues for One Mystery Author Too Many

Final Act for One Mystery Author Too Many