Plays written for the Seal Cove Auto Museum, designed as mystery dinner theater highlighting antique cars and murder.  Each includes a cast of interesting characters, vintage automobiles, a little suspense and a lot of humor.  Two of the four can be tailored to include points of interest for your specific locale. Samples can be downloaded…

“It has been such a pleasure working with the Lawtons on three Murder Mystery plays…performed at the Seal Cove Auto Museum.  Not only are they creative and talented writers, they are flexible and easy to work with…Bob and Robin allowed the Museum to offer a custom experience…founded in our work and mission…that has added great value.”

– Raney Bench, Executive Director for Seal Cove Auto Museum



Use these links to see videos from recent production of Murder at the Vandy’s, at the Seal Cove Auto Museum, July 28, 2019.

Musical slideshow with photographs from opening night,

Vandy’s Slide Show

Hilarious out takes from rehearsals:

Prepare to Make the Defense

Out, Out Brief Candle


Fine Art of Murder Caption                     Overland Ad with CC Caption

It’s 1932 and automobile ads have become big business.  When two advertising rivals compete for the Peabody Motors account, only one of them will win.  Throw in a notorious bank robber and the result is a cocktail for disaster.  The bank robber’s girlfriend is trying to get the attention of the advertising rivals, so she can become the next Fade Away girl.  The bank robber is trying to get J. Edgar Hoover’s attention, so he can become the next public enemy number one.  When the evening ends in murder, it’s up to a local cub reporter and a cocktail waitress to unmask the killer.

Prelude to The Fine Art of Murder




Murder is for the Birds             JJ Audubon Sketch 3


A wealthy benefactor on Mount Desert Island is sponsoring a road rally for the Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor.  Automobile enthusiasts come from around the globe to compete for a rare book of Audubon bird prints.  Drivers decipher riddles that take them from one destination to the next, each vying to be first to finish the race and collect first prize.  All except for one who abandons the flock of drivers to commit foul play.  Unfortunately for the murderer, the competition includes Peter Benson, a former homicide detective who found the perfect way to retire early – he fell in love with a beautiful woman who was loaded and then begged her to marry him.  Peter comes out of retirement one last time to catch the killer before he flies the coop.

Prelude to Murder is for the Birds



Auto Wars Logo

Auto Wars with Title and Info         Sim Mayo with Caption and Title


It’s 1909 and wealthy summer residents have won a victory in the Maine state legislature to ban automobiles from Bar Harbor.  Many of the permanent residents are opposed and have taken to open demonstrations of defiance.  Tempers flare and it isn’t long before a wealthy summer resident perishes in an automobile crash. Inspector Barnes must decide whether the victim was a casualty of the auto wars that have erupted on Mount Desert Island, or just a poor driver.